Your Donations and Support are Powerful and Appreciated!

At the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley we’ve been working hard to keep members, staff and our community safe during this challenging time.

With businesses being forced to close their doors, including healthcare providers, due to the unprecedented supply and funding challenges posed by the effects of COVID-19, we could not do it without your support and that of so many others.

Members of the community and organizations have been stepping up to help in all kinds of ways. From supplying our staff with handmade face masks and face shields, to making financial contributions; every contribution helps!

All of us at the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley offer a collective THANK YOU to our continued supporters and donors, like yourself!

Please consider making a donation, today.

Impact of Your Gift

For more than 40 years, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley has relied on the generous support of donors who believe that all members of our community deserve access to quality healthcare. You can make a difference by helping us provide medical, dental, mental health, and community wellness services to our most vulnerable community members. Together, we can meet the needs of our community.

Your gift will directly support our mission – to ensure the survival and healing of American Indians/Alaska Natives and our community by providing high quality, comprehensive health care and wellness services. We honor donations of all sizes, from individuals, families, corporations, and foundations.

In Santa Clara County, our AI/AN community copes with higher rates of poverty and homelessness. Additionally,our AI/AN community faces higher rates of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes and higher mortality due to these preventable and treatable diseases. Some examples of how Indian Health Center will use your gift to address these disparities can be found below.

Your gift of $50 can provide one month of gym access for a community member with heart disease, so that they can improve their heart health, reducing hospital visits.

Your gift of $100 can provide one community member access to a nutrition counseling session with a Registered Dietitian to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Your gift of $250 can provide an Elder’s Luncheon for 25 of our AI/AN elders, fostering a sense of belonging and collective wellness.

Your gift of $500 will provide a year-long diabetes prevention program for an at-risk community member.

Your gift of $1,000 can provide a year’s worth of diabetes case management home visits for an elder, increasing their ability to reach their treatment goals and reducing hospital visits.

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact Vernon Medicine Cloud.  Thank you for your generous support!

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