Pablo Diego Viramontes (Nha Nhu-Otomi)



Pablo joined IHC’s Board in August 2005. He is a master artist, craftsman, and a graduate of San Jose State University. He holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from San Jose State University, and has a 35-years record of teaching in the Santa Clara County Office of the Education Alternative School. Pablo chose IHC because he believes strongly in its mission. Now retired, he is very involved in the 500 mile run, which he has actively supported for the last 34 years. For the run, he is a spiritual leader and caretaker of the drum. He is a supporter of the Bear and Sun Dances, and other ceremonial events in the San Jose area. He is nationally and regionally recognized for his visual art work. He has three children, all of whom are adults, and currently has 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Committee(s): Executive Committee and Nominating Committee

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