Plaid S.

I started being seen at IHC near O’Connor hospital in spring 2014. I have a wonderful Nurse Practitioner, Janet Hughes. I travel 40 miles to get to the clinic. I have always found parking right away. The receptionists are always cheery, warm, friendly, and polite. I have never had to wait for my appointment – they are always on time. Janet Hughes has requested any necessary tests or procedures promptly, and scheduled them while I was being seen. She reviewed test results with me in a timely manner, and referred me for a skin procedure right away. The dermatologists who treated me did an excellent job, and were kind, polite, reassuring and did a great job on my face with no unsightly scars! So far I have not needed a lot of complex care, so can’t comment on that, but for a general doctor and follow-up place – this is the best care I’ve ever had. They have a good computerized records system that allows full review while you are in with the doctor.

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