Rebekah D.

I am saddened to see the negative reviews.  Of course, these are from a while back, so I’m going to conclude that Indian Health Center has taken measures to improve things, because my experiences there have been exceptionally good. I have been surveyed on a couple of occasions to gauge my experience in the front office and in the exam room.  I think this is a great idea and more doctor’s offices should do it.

Having received a recommendation from a friend, I walked in to the clinic after changing my primary provider. I was registered on the spot and given an appointment for the following week.  They always recommend that patients arrive a half hour ahead of their appointments, and for good reason, because the wait for registration can be lengthy.  However, the registration people are efficient and helpful.

With construction going on, there is a bit of shuffling of patients from one waiting room to another.  However, this is handled with some incredible aplomb by employees and volunteers on radios.

My waiting room wait has ranged from 10 minutes to an hour, but in the latter case I was informed in advance that my doctor was running behind.

The medical assistant and all other staff I encountered were friendly and helpful and seemed genuinely interested in assisting me.

My doctor is Dr. Jesse Rokicki-Parashar.  She is amazing.  Truly.  I saw her for my first visit by chance, but I hope to have her as my primary care doctor for years to come.  She is attentive and full of ideas and answers.  She is genuinely concerned about my medical issues and has gone above and beyond to get me the help I need, including calling a specialist fellow after hours to get me a more timely specialist appointment.  She has called me after hours and in response to phone messages to check in on me and has called me to give me test results personally, and in a timely manner.  I’ve almost never experienced this with a primary care physician, sadly.  This is what medical care once was like and is supposed to be.

I have called the advice nurse once and received a call back within 15 minutes, which is also exceptionally good.

I also visited the lab for blood tests after my recent appointment.  The wait for the lab was not too bad, about 15 minutes, and the phlebotomist was very friendly, professional, and efficient.

The check out staff was as great as the check in staff, and I have consistently left the office in a good mood and feeling like I really had some answers.

I would give five stars except for the fact that the remodeling and construction have made parking extremely difficult. I anticipate changing my rating once construction has been completed.

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