Shelli M.

I know my family can back me up in saying this medical office has been a “hidden gem” for not only me, but them as well. (I was left in their care temporarily, after being discharged from the hospital of 10 days in San Diego, CA where I normally reside). Between not physically being able to work for months before my hospital visit, and not having insurance, we were very worried of the after care I would be receiving with Medi-Cal. We luckily no longer have to worry about that after I started seeking care with Dr. Alvarez for the past 3 months. Since I have a few different conditions/medical problems, it can be very scary to know what is going on on the inside.

Dr. Alvarez takes his time to explain, answer  any questions, or “walk” us through anything we throw at him. My family comes with me to assist, since my brain/memory and walking ability had been affected with the sickness.

I know going into finding a new Dr. not to mention in a new town, with state medical assistance, your expectations shouldn’t be too high 🙂 but ours had been exceeded, and then some. My Aunt who is an RN in Idaho, curious of tests, results, and keeping up with all my medical care during this tough time, was flabbergasted by the care I am receiving from IHC.

Side note- Dr Alvarez’s MA Luis has been an exponential help in ALL the questions my family has for him, and if he cannot answer we get one from the Dr. always in a timely matter, (especially for how big and busy this office is ).

Thank you Indian Health Care

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